HGM Sharing your experience with our Resources with Kristine

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🎧 Join us for our podcast with Kristine Daniels, our Dutch Minister, who shares her experiences with our resources!!

🎧Podcast E1



8 thoughts on “HGM Sharing your experience with our Resources with Kristine”

  1. Thank you for sharing a bit more on how you do things in the Netherlands Kristine. I loved hearing this since we have such a connection to Netherlands here in SA and we inherited so much from the culture and the way you do things over there.
    I loved what you shared about being a contentious women and how He changes us from the inside when we become His brides.

  2. I loved doing this podcast with Kristine!!! There so much wisdom here!!
    Thank you for opening your hearts to us!! 💖

  3. Kristine! I miss you! And it was sooo nice hearing your voice! I was laughing with you as you shared. Like you I also wanted to be a career woman but it took my marriage falling apart like you to learn all these wonderful things about being a worker@home, when I saw the book w@h I did not even want to read it!! It was really nice hearing about your experiences! I’m so glad that you and isabella shared about boys also being helpful around the home and also having chores. I love how you explained it to your son. Thanks ladies 🙂

  4. Yes, I love to listen how she is raising her boys!!! There is so much wisdom on her experience!!! 🌷🤩

  5. Yes dear brides, all the glory be to my HH who changed me from the inside out. Gives me the wisdom and strength to teach my household and children his principles. It is not always easy because half the time they are not with me and others are taught things. Nevertheless, my Lord is faithful to bring forth testimonies of the change. All four of my children know that He and His principles are the most important thing in my life. And now that He has removed my former husband even more from me, I have even more time and space to rebuild my house on Him as the rock.
    I must admit that sometimes the enemy still tries to convince me that I and my children are still the same as they used to be. But He is faithful to hold me and let me hear and see that is not the case. Again all glory to Him who loves us so with an unselfish love.

    1. Praise the Lord that He is giving you the strenght and the wisdom to carry on!!! This is a tremendous blessing!! To be a witness of your amazing journey my sweet Kristine!!!
      You powerful testimonies are meant to encourage so many ladies and families around the world!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful podcast. I enjoyed so much to listen to you. It was wonderful to hear how your Husband has changed you Kristine. I see so many of us that came to RMI saying I wanted to be a career woman. Hahahaha, can you believe it? Now that I think back, I can see how this was such a lie sold to us so we can miss out on this wonderful opportunity to teach and love our children the way our Husband wants us to be.

  7. Yes a horrible lie!!! I think non of us wants to go back to that life!! We love to be home with our children!!

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