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His Princess

All Things for Good

How could God let this happen? Erin knew God loved her, so why did this happen? Why do bad things happen?

Would you believe that what happened was all God’s plan? It’s true. God used this and every difficulty in Erin’s life for GOOD. God allowed this crisis to happen in order to prepare Erin for her future and even her children’s future. It’s the same with you!!

That night, as she lay in bed, Erin realized no one can be with her all the time. There was no one to guide or protect her or make her feel safe all the time. Erin knew her mother loved her but her mother hadn’t understood and she couldn’t always be with her. 

Erin had lots of older siblings but none could hold her hand to make her feel safe and not miss another bus. That night Erin longed for a brother, a mother, a friend—Someone who would be with her all the time. Someone who would never forsake or abandon, or desert her. Someone who understood. Does this sound like Someone you would want to meet, Someone you would want to know?

From GOD, Your Father!!