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Nothing is impossible with GOD!!
Luke 1:37

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LISTEN and read along with Mia in South Africa, Yvonne's daughter. 

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Macy's Barn Cat

Nothing is impossible with GOD!! Luke 1:37


I love cats!

Do you love cats too?

My Grammy loved cats, but my Papa didn't like cats at all.

Just before I was born, my Papa went to heaven. So, when I was 3 years old, my mommy gave her mother, Grammy, her own cat as a Christmas present.



Grammy named her Calico cat, Spade. Spade loved my Grammy but she did not like me. I was not kind to Spade.

When I came to visit my Grammy at her house, Spade would hide from me under a table or deep behind the sofa.

When she would hide, I would crawl under the sofa after her and try to pull Spade out by her paws so I could hold her.

When I held her, I squeezed her very tightly because if I didn’t, Spade would jump out of my arms and run away.

Most cats will scratch or bite or hiss to make you stop. Spade didn't scratch or bite or hiss, but I would not stop trying to catch her.

When my Grammy went to heaven to be with Papa, I wanted Spade to be mine. But we had a very big dog named Sam. 


Our Dog Sam

 Sam was a German Shepherd and he loved to chase cats. We named our dog Sam after Samson in the Bible who was very strong. Sam, our dog, was strong and protected our family.

German Shepherds are good dogs and our Sam was an outdoor dog with thick oily fur.

Since we couldn't keep Spade inside because my brother is allergic to cat fur and Spade wasn't safe outside with Sam, God found her a new home. A nice lady at our church took Spade because she loved cats too.


Not having Shade to visit made me want a cat so much and I'd cry. So, I asked my dad and he said, “You don’t need to cry, because we are moving far away to live on a farm. And if our farm has a barn, you may have a barn cat.”

When we moved to our farm, I was very happy because we had many barns. But when I asked for my cat my dad said, "No." When I cried to my mom, she said, “Don't ask your dad again, just pray, Macy, and see what your Heavenly Father will do.”


God Answers My Prayer

So, each time I thought of the cat I didn't get, or I thought about Spade, I asked my Heavenly Father, God, to give me a barn cat.

One day something bad happened that God used for good, and it was the way He planned to answer my prayer when I first asked Him!


I was behind our big barn when one of our horses stepped on my foot. My foot got fat and turned purple. I tried but I couldn't stop crying. My dad said, "Macy, tell everyone to go get in the van, we are going somewhere special. We are going to get you your barn cat." I got in our big, long van and we drove way up into the hills.

When I got into the van, I forgot all about my sore foot. I was happy!!

God used this sad, bad thing for good—just like He does all the time. God was about to answer my prayer and I was so excited!!


As we drove way up into the hills, we splashed through a shallow stream before we stopped at an old farm. All of us: my three brothers, my two sisters and I jumped out of the van when we saw dozens of kittens everywhere!!

My mom and dad told me, “Macy, go and find your barn cat." Right away I saw my barn cat. I scooped her into my arms, kissed her and thanked God for answering my prayer!


I learned that when you pray, God your Father, hears you praying and He wants to bless you with double what you hoped for! If something is not fair, which the Bible says is unjust, it means GOD wants to bless you DOUBLE or two!

This is one of the millions of GOD's promises. You can read it in Isaiah 61:7-8 in your Bible—where He left all His promises for YOU and me!



Latte’s fur looked like a cup of coffee with lots of cream in it—just like my mommy liked to drink it.

When my mommy came to find me, I saw that she was holding Latte’s mommy who I called, Chichi, that sounds like “She-She” my mommy’s favorite French pastry she ate with her coffee! My mom said that Latte was too young to be away from her mommy, so God gave me DOUBLE! I didn’t get just one barn cat, I got two! A mommy cat and her soft baby kitten!


Happily Ever After

God not only loves to bless us with DOUBLE—by giving us two when we pray!! God really LOVES the word multiply—and multiply means when two becomes four and four turns into a LOT of Barn Cats! God blessed me with more and more cats, many litters.

Very soon we had many cats that kept the mice out of our barns and

our house, which made my daddy very happy we got barn cats!

The End


This book is dedicated to granddaughters everywhere. Never forget the story of Macy and what GOD said 3 times about impossibilities...

“With people this is impossible, but WITH GOD all things are possible." Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, and Luke 18:27.

Be sure to share Macy’s Barn Cat with your friends—in “every tribe, nation and language” (Revelation 7:9) so they’ll believe in God’s Promises too!


Now, stop to relax, grab your coffee or cold beverage, and talk to the Lord, your Maker, and ask Him questions. Listen to what He's telling you in your heart. Then when He leads you—pour your heart into your journal, writing down what you've learned

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Hello! I am here to share with you the beautiful moments that my Husband gave me and my daughter that we lived together in the last week. My daughter was going to do an audio recording of a book called "Macy's Barn Cat" in Português.

When I talked to her about it, she was super excited, because she loves cats, and when she read the story she loved it even more. It was so beautiful to hear her training the storytelling and learning how much her God and Heavenly Father makes dreams come true and that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for Him.

Well, on the day of the recording, before we started, we prayed and asked God to help her, and give her a soft voice, give her patience and concentration, so that everything would go well.
I confess that I was a little anxious, and when she started recording I could see how much my Husband had instructed her about reading, and she was super relaxed ...

Well, at one point, after trying to record and make mistakes a few times she looked at me and said, "Mom, can we kneel and pray to God again?"

Oh dear, I was unable to contain my tears as she prayed like this: "God, just like we already asked You, I ask You again to help me record this. Give me the voice my mother asked you at the beginning, I want to do Your work, Lord, please help me."

I was so touched by her prayer that my anxiety left, and from that hour on we were able to have such wonderful moments, where we cried, laughed, laughed, and arrived at a final recording! And I could only praise my Husband and the best Father in this world, and thank Him for being each day transforming us into women after His heart.

Thank youm my Love, for Your affection, attention, care, and love with which you lead us on our journeys!

"Teach the commandments of the LORD to your children, talking about them when you are sitting at home and when you are walking along the paths, at bedtime and when you get up for a new day;" Deuteronomy 11:19

"I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my children walk in the truth." 3 John 1: 4

~ Marta in Brazil



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