Why Homeschool?
In 2002 Erin Thiele was asked to help mothers at her megachurch, which was taped, and the outline she gave became an inspiring book called HomeSchooling for Him: Enter by the Narrow Gate. At the time, she was still homeschooling 5 of her 7 children (2 of had already graduated and were encouraged to intern to forgo the dangers of college). In addition to educating her own children, at the same time she also helped run a home business with her husband, along with her ministry that had become worldwide. Much of this you can learn more about in Workers@Home.
During this same time period, Erin encouraged hundreds of family to choose to take back the authority over the training and educating of their children, and was soon a popular homeschool speaker for many conferences in Florida and later in Missouri.
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H4H NXT Generation

After homeschooling her 7 children, years later, many are married and only 2 still are unmarried without children—the rest now have children of their own that are school-aged, so the next generation is being homeschooled. 
YES, there are so many resources and homeschooling blogs available now, but what we believe makes this resource different is simply WHY we've chosen to homeschool:
• It is not for the sake of giving our children a better education (although this is what they will receive). 
• It is not for the sake of protecting them from what's learned in school by ungodly curriculum and influential and bullying peers (although it will). 

• We have chosen to educate our children ourselves because God entrusted our children to US as parents in order that we might have the opportunity to live as a family, learn as a family, LOVE as a family and make sure He is at the center of everything!

• Had I not been led, almost forced into homeschooling, I would never have seen my children remain morally pure, giving themselves to their spouses after writing River of Life and The Wedding Clothes for that purpose. I want my grandchildren to have the benefit of both parents raising them, so dating or practicing heartbreak and immorality will never achieve that!