Chapter 3—
The Knowledge of Good and Evil 

Should we learn both good and evil? 

Well, let me ask you: As you begin to build your life on the Rock, set apart, do you want to use good or bad building materials? God says, we must choose good and turn our backs on evil. We know this is true because God commanded us, saying, not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil

To be safely set apart means we must turn our backs on evil and then ask God how we can do something good! Don’t let doubt get into your mind either because God said if we doubt it will feel like we are being tossed about like the surf of the sea

When Erin asked God to understand this principle, she imagined herself at the beach where her family had a vacation house. When she was at the ocean, there were large, powerful waves, so her parents wisely taught her that she needed to stay back up on the warm sand and watch the waves.  

They said that even if she stood with her feet in the water, soon she would sink into the wet sand and a large wave could easily crash over her head—dragging her into the deep, rough water. God says it’s the same with doubt. So, rather than doubt and be tossed about, or sink with worry, God says to trust Him and grab hold of the gift of peace left by our very own Prince of Peace

Never forget to simply ask Him and then not doubt because at the appointed time God promises to answer us and give us the desires of our hearts —just like you read in “Macy’s Barn Cat“ and “Horses Hoped For.” This means that each time we think about what we asked Him to do—we can smile at the future!

Now it’s the appointed time to record and inscribe your dreams by posting a comment 👇🏻 below 👇🏻 or Post YOUR Praise!

Now, stop to relax, grab your coffee or cold beverage, and talk to the Lord, your Maker, and ask Him questions. Listen to what He's telling you in your heart. Then when He leads you—pour your heart into your journal, writing down what you've learned

Post your Praise 🥳

From GOD, Your Father!!



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  1. Hi this is a great story l really like it. Thanks for these inspiring stories that encourage us to be a good person. David 8yrs old.

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