Chapter 6
On a Mission

It’s important that we learn that our weaknesses are what He longs to use for GOOD and it’s where we gain our real strength, spiritual strength. It’s our trust in Him that helps us not be SELFconscious. It’s only when we focus on others that the SELF in us will fade away. Rather than worrying about what others think of us, follow His example and put others first, make sure they are the ones who feel at ease. 

Being set apart means we are often put in uncomfortable situations so we gain a better, closer relationship with our Forever Best Friend and find the comforting protection of our Heavenly Father. Once Erin met her friend Liesel who you read about in On the Rock, the next year and the next and the next she went to a new school where she knew no one. At one new school, she ate alone for six long weeks and determined once she made friends that she would never ignore someone eating alone! 

Erin’s mission would be to walk around the cafeteria and the courtyard at lunchtime looking for anyone who was sitting alone. She’d simply walk over and say, “Hi, I’m Erin, would you mind if I eat with you?” and then agree to meet them the next day. That day Erin would suggest eating and meeting some of her “friends” whatever friends were most like her new friend. 

In each difficulty, each challenge and each of our trials there is a hidden pearl—an opportunity— once we believe in our hearts that God causes all things to work together for good. God created each calamity to allow us to bless someone—becoming our mission, our calling which comes directly from the Father.

What’s funny is that most people believe that Erin is outgoing and has a lot of SELF-confidence, but the truth is that she simply looks out for others, because He looks out for her and her assurance is the best assurance anyone could have! The assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen because her hope and trust IS the Lord

If you’ve been rejected, take heart—you’ve been rejected for good—and as you look to Him and trust Him I promise it will turn out for you and as you serve others!

Now, stop to relax, grab your coffee or cold beverage, and talk to the Lord, your Maker, and ask Him questions. Listen to what He's telling you in your heart. Then when He leads you—pour your heart into your journal, writing down what you've learned

Post your Praise 🥳

From GOD, Your Father!!



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