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His Princess

Chapter 5—
Entering the Narrow Gate

Being set apart and building on the Rock to reach the nations, means you must look for the narrow gate and then choose to walk through that gate that very few will find. Here is one story of walking through the narrow gate

One day Erin’s teacher, a nun, said that unless someone confessed to something that happened when she was out of the classroom, her entire class would miss recess for a week. Unfortunately, the person who’d done this was a very shy French girl. So, Erin felt led to encourage all of her classmates to stand up when asked so Monique would not be afraid to stand up alone. But when the nun asked for the person who did it to stand, only Erin stood up and was immediately sent to the principal’s office. 

Erin didn’t say anything, she didn’t defend herself, she didn’t say that Monique had done it because God’s Word says that we are the only person who can confess our own faults, not someone else’s. Erin never confronted Monique either but trusted God who judges righteously. It may not always seem fair, but it always brings about a hidden reward. Erin simply spoke to her FBF “Forever Best Friend” Who told her to remain quiet and wait. So, Erin chose to love the one who’d treated her unjustly by speaking kindly to Monique before and after school.

A week later, Erin’s desk was still in the hallway as punishment and she still hadn’t been allowed to go out to play at recess. But suddenly, Monique felt convicted and she no longer wanted to hide her transgression (what she’d done wrong). 

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