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His Princess

Set Apart
for His Good Use

All three of Erin’s brothers were much older, and because she was a tomboy, Erin’s sisters wanted nothing to do with her.

Erin had no school friends either. Living in the Valley, but attending school in Hollywood and as you just read, which took over an hour to get home on the public bus, Erin couldn’t play after school and make friends with the other children like everyone else. And because it was a very strict Catholic school, there was almost no interaction during school. Even while having lunch Erin had to sit at her desk and was forbidden to talk, which is why she had to confess this to the Lord.

Much of Erin’s aloneness had to do with being a tomboy, as was mentioned earlier. It meant she never had any close girlfriends. On top of that, talking on the phone to classmates was not possible because back then— it was called a "long-distance" call and it was very expensive.

In Erin’s neighborhood, all the other children were much younger, and during any other activities, like the ballet she took, and later as a swimmer, Erin was set apart from all of her friends due to living in cities far from where she lived. SO, this meant that for most of her childhood, Erin had only ONE faithful close friend, her Forever Best Friend who went with her everywhere! Someone she could talk to. Someone who listened. Someone who understood. So even though she was alone—Erin was never again lonely.

From GOD, Your Father!!