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His Princess


What Happened Later

For seven years, Erin often took the bus home by herself but she was never alone. God was preparing her to become very comfortable being set apart so that she would be ready to travel around the world listening to a word behind her so she knew when to go right or left. He led Erin to meet people all around the world who longed for a First Love Who would never leave or forsake them. Someone Who would always be closer than a brother and Who loved them more than a mother. A Heavenly Father Who would comfort them when their parents divorced. 

And because His blessings are passed to many generations, Erin’s daughter, Tara, did the same—traveling and meeting people around the world. Little girls and boys and moms who spoke many languages but welcomed His love. 

If this story has helped you feel better, please share your story with us. It’s your testimony, and it’s what will help other girls overcome difficulties in their lives! And if you shared our story with a friend or someone else, we’d love to hear just how it happened.

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From GOD, Your Father!!