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Chapter 1
Outside in the Hall

Do you remember reading On the Rock, “Set Apart” when Erin’s desk was moved out into the hallway as punishment? Well, Erin spent a good portion of her school years—rejected. And even though no one wants to be rejected, God chooses the rejected to build ministries and missions.

Instead of being with everyone else, Erin was rejected, set apart from her classmates. At her private school, students were only permitted to talk when they were outside during recess—never in the classroom or washroom or in the hallways.  

Remaining quiet all day was difficult for Erin, who was blessed with a God-given passion for communicating. But like all God’s gifts, they’re reserved for His good use—not to feed our flesh and make us feel good. Feeding our flesh is human nature but it falls short of our spiritual nature designed for us as His princess. 

In the hallway, however, Erin wasn’t alone, nor did she feel alone. Remember how she’d learned to be with the Lord, who was closer than a Brother? Sadly, many never realize that the Lord is right next to us—just by inviting Him into our hearts—as I hope you read in My First Love "Closer than a Brother." This means Erin could talk all day long, in her heart, to her Prince of Peace who rescued her from ever feeling rejected.

From GOD, Your Father!!

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